Residential Landscape

Eye-Catching Designs

We understand that the importance of your home’s curb appeal, especially when it comes to attractive and eye-catching landscaping, and an appealing overall environment, which play a key role in the value and the quality of life for your home’s property.

Whether you are in need of just a general cleanup of your grounds, horticultural or ornamental garden maintenance, landscaping planning, annual flower installation, or irrigation system maintenance, our landscape certified industry technicians are here to consult with you on an affordable and attractive residential landscaping service solution for your specific needs.

Seasonal Flowers & Containers

Add a pop of color to any shady or sunny spot with intriguing combinations of annuals, bulbs, tropical plants, and other plant materials. Our cheerful container displays will help to create more dramatic bedding designs, that will be sure to brighten up every season with beautiful, non-stop color.

Thinking about vegetables or herbs in your garden? Then go ahead and mix in those edibles. There is nothing like fresh herbs, tomatoes, and lettuce for your dinner table tonight!


  • Sustainable Planning & Planting
  • Weekly Mowing
  • Mulch
  • Season Flower Beds
  • Seasonal Containers & Pots
  • Horticultural Pruning
  • Winter Dormant Pruning & Plant Protection
  • Spring & Fall Clean-ups

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Gardens Done Right Inc. offers comprehensive consultations in order to help you determine what residential landscaping improvements may be necessary to better help your property’s specific needs.

Your property’s landscaping is a major investment, one that requires lots of time, care, and patience. At Gardens Done Right Inc., our certified professionals are dedicated to ensuring your landscaping maintenance needs are met with our maintenance solutions. Call us at (847) 504-6434 or fill out our contact form today!