Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Containers & Seasonal Color

Gardens Done Right is a local gardening company in the area that focuses on adding seasonal color to businesses and residential clients with container gardens and outdoor living spaces. Our expert plant designers bring together plant arrangements that will enhance your container gardens, window boxes, and garden beds all year long. We focus on location, site conditions, and bring in unique texture and colors that will captivate you and your guests. 

Gardens Done Right designs and plants 4 seasons color: spring, summer, autumn and winter for instant curb appeal. 

Container Maintenance

Gardens Done Right provides regular maintenance services which can be done on a bi-weekly basis or monthly during the growing season. Service includes inspection for dieses and insects and apply eco-friendly pest control if necessary, watering, pruning, and fertilizing. Plants that fail to meet our high standards will be promptly replaced. 

Regular maintenance is needed for your containers to keep them thriving so you can enjoy them all season long. 


Annual Beds and Bulbs

Gardens Done Right provides seasonal color for your landscape beds as well. The designer will select the appropriate material that will flourish throughout the season. Beds can start in the spring with bulbs to bring the landscape out of the dreary winter blues. Summer annuals can be installed and maintained throughout the summer months. Site conditions are considered so that the right plant will be planted in the right location. Beds can be designed for fall as well as winter. 

Gardens Done Right also provides irrigation to containers and annual beds providing site has an irrigation system. No irrigation system there are other irrigation ideas we can recommend; this usually requires a site consultation. 

No containers we can help procure new containers for your business or home. 

Schedule a Consultation

Don’t know what you need or where to start; maybe a consultation is just what you are looking for. With a Gardens Done Right Garden consultation, we can design a custom plan for your home’s property that will work best for your needs. Give us a call at (847) 504-6434 or fill out our contact form to get started.